Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(^^^) + <(") = :|], the blog, explains a bunch of Greek terms.
The prevailing of beings, φύσίς, as Heidegger understands it, their order and constitution and the law of beings themselves as grounded in φύσίς is that towards which λόγος addresses and forms itself. The function of language, thus far, is twofold: (1) it tears from concealment and brings to light the αλήθεια of φύσίς. Insofar as this is its function, to speak about and concern itself with the order and constitution of beings, language appears to be, at least in this context, deeply metaphysical. (2) It expresses a confrontation and relationship between the speaker and that which speaking addresses, φύσίς, in the name of αλήθεια and, therefore, lays claim to truth as it is understood in the commencement of speaking.
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