Monday, June 07, 2010
From C-Theory, Bradley Bryan says humans are now just the code in their genes, and manipulating code is just a matter of technique.
The task of today's laboratories is to make plain and clear to sight what goes on inside the living being or molecule. The laboratory is an apparatus of technology, which is simply the logos of techne -- the truth regarding technique. The technical provenance of nihilism is not found, or not only found, in the gadgets of technology, as this would give us the illusion that we stand in a relation to the gadgets that we use in an instrumental manner. Martin Heidegger's now classic meditation on technology rooted the technological in technique -- a word that makes all attempts to come to terms with technology much more difficult, if only because the very notion of a technique seems present in every activity one might imagine.
It is important to note the consistent mistranslation of technik in the English versions of Heidegger's essay: he clearly distinguishes technology as simply belonging to the technical and what presences under the sway of technique. Nowhere does he actually speak of technology as such. The import of this mistranslation is that we make the challenge of thinking through technology easier by imagining it as a sub-field akin to applied science, rather than as a focus of everything from basketball to baking.
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