Wednesday, June 23, 2010
The shootings at Kent State were all part of a conspiracy spawned by Heidegger, or something. The chain started here:
Yet, unbelievably, Marcuse was recruited during World War II at the U.S. Office of War Information (OWI) for anti-Nazi propaganda projects — perhaps because, as a Jew, his academic career had been cut short under the Third Reich. Ironically, he had collaborated in Germany with Martin Heidegger, the "Nazi philosopher" who had supported the Nazi program and Hitler himself. In 1932, this collaboration resulted in the publication of their joint study, Hegel's Ontology and Theory of Historicity.
I saw the Clash at Kent State, not realizing the decade spanning coup I was unwittingly participating in with my pogo dancing co-conspirators. Apparently, the guardsmen that actually pulled the triggers, and the officers that ordered them about, bear no responsibility, having been duped by Bill Ayers, et al.
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