Saturday, August 07, 2010

All Things Shining on sojourning in Greece.
[A]bove all [Heidegger's] journey was predicated on the belief that:
The gods of Greece and their supreme god, if they ever come, will return only transformed to a world whose overthrow is grounded in the land of the gods of ancient Greece.
This passage in particular struck me, because it is the most explicit passage I know of in Heidegger to call for a transformed kind of polytheism based on the polytheism of the ancient Greeks.
This I like. You can't go wrong with Greek polytheism...

(Though Heidegger in a sense might be said to be divided between pre-socratics....and germans, especially Kant (and his twisted son Kierkegaard)--also noted in one of the comments on the travel blog by a biblethumper asking for a xtian reference...what about Vati Heidegger the supposed evangelical...etc)
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