Sunday, August 08, 2010

Philosophy in a Time of Error on who's not a Kantian and who's "trapped in a correlationist bind".
[N]o “Derridean” or “Heideggerian” or anyone that would self-identify that way would be doing much beyond tight readers of Derrida, Heidegger, et al.
And adds the point:
[N]ot that Derrida was doing OOO, but rather more simply, he wasn’t a correlationist.
Hegel's "concretization"--abstractions are not merely "mental" but realized, in spacetime, history...matter--might be read as correlationism par exemple, might it not? (as per spinoza, thought is extended...tho that sort of immanence was known by greeks...and Spinoza not so far from Aristotle, except for teleology) Most pomo's seem unaware of that (including Zizek). Or something.

Hegel while certainly preferring Kant's synthesis to say brit. empiricist or...pure spinoza-istic necessity --, also denounced the psychology and architecture of the First Critique (see his lectures)-. Zizek doesn't really want the immanent Hegel, at least if Parallax View provides any clues to his agenda. He wants the ...Kant-ghosts.
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