Monday, December 27, 2010
William J. Richardson on the there of being among beings.
foundational thinking tries to meditate Being as the process of truth, sc. the coming-to-pass of the lighting-process in beings. What is the fundamental structure of this thought? It is brought-to-pass by the nature of man conceived as ek-sistence, sc. endowed with the prerogative, unique among beings, of an ecstatic open-ness unto the lighting process of ἁ-λήθεια. Ek-sistence thus understood may be called the « There » (Da) of Being, because it is that domain among beings where the lighting-process takes place. Since the There comes-to-pass in a being, sc. man, this privileged being is the « There-being », and conversely, There-*being must be understood always as the There of Being among beings, nothing more.
And so does "foundational thinking" have a theory of truth in addition to the traditional three?

Yes, Dasein is a being among beings and a privileged being. But I do not understand the point of the concluding "nothing more."

But that reminds me of a recent reference on this blog to a preference for Dasein not as a location but as opening.
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