Tuesday, January 11, 2011
How to fix the economy, from Globalia magazine.
Disparaged by politics as unenlightened and backward, recently it has been Muslim and Christian thinkers who have defined this other side.

[...T]hey are not critics of the euro alone, they consider the paper money experiment a moral and economic failure. Calling for free markets, alternative currencies and a return to the ban on interest, they are busy crafting potential alternatives to the banking system. “The banks are dead” – a sentence which induces indignation and cries of disbelief in today’s “secular” Europe.

The political idea of liberating money has a long tradition in Europe, and the myth of paper money has been attacked numerously, by such figures as Sylvio Gesell with his famous experiment in Wörgl, and by great European thinkers from Goethe to Ramuz. In Goethe’s renowned play Faust, the idea of paper money is attributed to Mephistopheles. And in German philosophy, Martin Heidegger defined the nature of Technik (technique, technology) as “challenging the creation”.
I can't find any indication that he ever used "challenging the creation" to define Technik. Probably an issue with translations. I didn't know the Swiss poet Ramuz had attacked paper money. Ironically, he appears on a Swiss Franc bank note.
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