Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Overland gushes over Speculative Realism, made up of...
...many different and sometimes opposing materialist and realist positions, that nonetheless reject what speculative realist Quentin Meillassoux has dubbed the dominant paradigm of the twentieth century, ‘correlationism’, in which reality appears, as the introduction puts it, ‘only as the correlate of human thought’.
Did the folks that came up with quantum mechanics, the Big Bang, DNA, Dada, Hollywood, and electronics, realize that correlationism was guiding them? Or is correlationism simply a new generation of philosophy students rebelling against the previous?
One of the most important distinctions between the ‘correlationist’ mainstream standpoint and speculative realism is the restoration of ontology (the study of what is) to a central position, rather than privileging epistemology (the study of knowledge).
Yup, that never occurred to anyone before.
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