Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Earth humor, ar! ar!

The Palins irk.
You are making us mental, you people. The thought of you fills us with an overwhelming desire to see your Harvard transcripts, or at least your high-school diplomas, which we frankly doubt you have. Your very being-ness causes us to doubt our belief in the existence of Gaia and sends us screaming back to Heidegger’s Sein und Zeit for comfort and consolation.
The edu-bureaucracy, hypocritical liberals and technocrats, snooty postmodernist/multicultural hipsters and other modern demons produce Palins and the tea baggers, IMHE. That's not to approve of them--yet, it's sort of dialectical. Mama Grizzly's already softened up, anyway. When Sarah first appeared as VP candidate, talking about hunting wolves and her pals in the Hells' Angels--she seemed sort of Nietzschean actually-- (a dyslexic Nietzschean at least). Palin's hardly any more nauseating than say SNL, or whiny corporate-liberal pundits (even if we oppose her politics)--or mormons, for that matter.
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