Monday, March 11, 2013

3 Quarks Daily on post-medieval Contemporary America.
Rome-in-decline was characterized by the existence of two separate cultures: the elite rulers versus the non-Roman, non-elite merceneries and imperial commanders abroad. By the end, the military had so little in common with the elite that their obedience came to be for their own commanders, rather than the good of the empire.
I don't think the same thing is going on in Contemporary America, though--as I do not see two separate cultures here. Not one bit. I think we are all dwelling in the culmination of what Heidegger called the technological understanding-of-being. Accordingly, in viewing the world as only in terms of utility, everything becomes a resource to be used efficiently--even our own lives are judged in these terms (how can I be the best me I can be?) In such a world, greater good, stakeholder claims, social justice, and cultural achievements--along with other medievalisms-- have gone by the wayside. And that is not all. For this is also something being actively exported by the global elite.
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