Tuesday, February 04, 2014
In Film Philosophy Journal, Daniel Hourigan's Ghost in the Shell 2, Technicity and the Subject.
Heidegger’s conception of technicity addresses the importance of the common perception of technology that Innocence melds with the human. This common perception can be summarised as: the understanding and rationalisation of the Subject as a force that drives or gives purpose to a tool that then carries out a given task. We can observe this summary explanation at work in the early parts of the film when Batô taunts a Yakuza boss, ‘Hey, Wakabyashi, do you really think two grenades are enough take out an armoured cyborg,’
What I like in both Ghost in the Shell movies are the slick machines in motion; beautiful, like a Miyazaki without the veneration of nature. Pity about the characters from otaku central casting.
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