Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Forbes on goal track apps.
Philosophers like Martin Heidegger argue that humans are fundamentally temporal beings. This basically means we know our time on this planet is limited, and are thrown in situations where negotiating life in the present is fraught with inclinations to draw out lessons from the past, while also projecting future possibilities. We’ve ultimately got to decide what is a mere instrumental chore to be crossed off a to-do list, what recurring experiences should be actively chosen because they are intrinsically valuable and make life fuller, and what special, singular events we should strive for once before we die. Each of these has a different life logic, and the big question goal tracking apps beckon us to consider is how they should be represented and pursued.
If I wrote a goal track app, I'd name it Bestellen. Then my life could be orderable for a requisitioning.
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