Saturday, October 04, 2014

Beyond the Iron Triangle on mastering project management.
The project management methods and methodologies that are familiar to most of us are based on thinking that sees us (as project managers and stakeholders) as separate to what goes on in our projects. It's known as 'Cartesian dualism' or subject-object thinking. A way to deal with this disconnect between theory and practice is to get back to our experiences of managing projects and to look for lenses that can help structure our thinking about these experiences. Martin Heidegger is a philosopher who provides us with a tool-kit of concepts and thinking devices to enable us to do this. He provides us with a different base on which we can explore, understand, and respond to our experience of projects. Simply, Heidegger sees us and our world as being infused together... and this can change how we view and manage our projects.
With animated critter videos to explain what really goes on!
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