Sunday, November 09, 2014
I've listened to the last of the Emory Black Notebooks podcasts. I was thrown by Robert Bernasconi's suggestion that to really understand Heidegger, one needs to read the Nazi philosophers. Oh no, not again! "It is advisable, therefore, that you postpone reading Heidegger for the time being, and first study Schmitt, Krieck and Baumler for ten to fifteen years." Bio tech better produce some of those life extension pills.

Thankfully, you won't need to understand Heidegger to understand ontology, once we have decent paraphrases, real soon now.

I shared a bus with Robert Bernasconi at a Heidegger Circle meeting. He was at the University of Memphis, and we talked about the Blues. He wasn't impressed with my suggestion that Robert Johnson at the crossroads as an American allegory for the fourfold. If you're an Ereignis-is-a-historical-event kind of guy, then it's at midnight. If you're with the appropriation tendency, then at the crossroads, Johnson opened up the possibilities for expressing the ontological difference through a guitar. And Ereignis is the devil.

Now that's a paper i would read—Crossroad Blues: Robert Johnson and the Fourfold.
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