Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Andrzej Serafin has compiled a bibliography on the Black Notebooks, for Wikipedia. Donate some money while you're there, if you don't already. I got my employer to match my contributions.

Someone should do an annotated Schwarze Hefte, adding dates to the entries, adding historical context, lectures and seminars that week. Does copyright control end in 2104, or 90 years after the death of the author?
International copyright protocol is to honour the copyright laws of the author's country. Hence for Heidegger one must apply the German copyright terms which based on publication and creation dates are: "25 years from first publication or first public performance if copyright has expired before such publication or performance, or if the work has never been protected in Germany and the author died more than 70 years before the first publication" or based on author's death then 70 yrs after the author's death.
Then it will be up to a future generation to tell the full story of what happened in the 1930s -- without necessitating permission from the Heidegger estate -- to anyone that is still listening then.
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