Monday, December 15, 2014
Christian Madsbjerg from ReD associates responds to Gregory Fried's article in Foreign Affairs.
All the notebooks provide is further evidence that Heidegger was a flawed person with dangerous political views. His work, like that of other philosophers with problematic biographies, will continue to stand on its own. Marx’s ideas have survived despite his xenophobia; Nietzsche’s, despite his madness. Students still read these thinkers at seminar tables around the world, just as they should Heidegger. However abhorrent Heidegger’s politics, his ideas are more relevant than ever. They tackle today’s most important philosophical question: How can humans find meaning in modern lives?

Not sure you saw this letter from Badiou at the time it came out, i didn't, but Badiou certainly doesn't mince any words in his denunciation of Faye and his clique.
I enjoyed reading that, and look forward to the publication (and quick translation?) of Badiou's 1987 seminar on Heidegger.

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