Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Jeff Malpas has posted "On the Reading of Heidegger – Situating the Black Notebooks" on his academia.edu page.

I'm still reading it, but I found it indicative of the state of the web today that the paper appears on a social media site, before it appears on Malpas's own jeffmalpas.com. A couple months ago The Economist had a cover story on the mobile internet. They found it significant that internet users now spend more time in apps (e.g., Facebook) than they spend browsing the web. When I started Ereignis in 1995, I imagined that in the future anyone with anything to say would publish it on their own web page, and Ereignis's role would be to facilitate learning by linking to those web pages that were about Heidegger's way of thinking, filtering away pages with the string "heidegger" for extraneous reasons.

Today I'm thinking that the way to facilitate the path towards making sense of Heidegger, is to produce an app for that purpose. Instead of merely indicating where the relevant papers are on the web, the app should process the web content, and present it within the app.
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