Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Babette Babich on what is to be done.
Žižek teases us as we listen as the good and docile sheep of the media, in the virtually real or integral order, that we suppose nothing more likely than the technological possibility of the imaginary precisely by contrast with the “can’t be done” or enjoined symbolic impossibility that would beat stake in any bid to change the order of rule, such that the world need notwork as industrial leaders, i.e., as business interests, command that everything be done for the sake of business interest or profit. We attend on the same for what we hope might one day—although it never has—yet accrue to ourselves as wanna-be capitalists. (We think we are investors if we have a bank account or a pension, and actual capitalists love that we think that.)Thus we are complicit, but Heidegger, who thinks that more is possible than what we suppose about possibility and impossibility, suggests what he called Ereignis in his Contributions and here again at the conclusion of Overcoming Metaphysics: that appropriating might bring “mortals to the path of thinking, poetizing, building.”
From "Politics and Heidegger: Aristotle, Superman, and Žižek".
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