Monday, May 25, 2015
Derrida learns of the way to the saving power.
The previous summer, there had been a décade [ten day conference] at the chateau of Cerisy-la-Salle devoted to Heidegger, who also attended. This crucial encounter was still being talked about. At a reception at the home of Mme Heurgon, the proprietor of Cerisy, a recording of some of the high points of the décade was played. This was a moment that Derrida would never forget:
I was a student at the École Normale and I heard Heidegger’s voice for the fi rst time in a salon of the 16th arrondissement. I can remember one sequence in particular: we were all in the salon, we were all listening to that voice. [. . .] I especially remember the bit just after Heidegger’s talk: the questions raised by [Gabriel] Marcel and [Lucien] Goldmann. One of them put the following objection, in so many words, to Heidegger: ‘But don’t you think that this method of reading or this way of reading or questioning is dangerous?’ A methodological, epistemological question. And I can still hear – after the ensuing silence – Heidegger’s reply: ‘Ja! It is dangerous.’
P. 75
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