Sunday, June 14, 2015
Ordering up humans.
The question remains in what way is the human already drawn into the essence of requisitioning. What (however) does this mean here: “the human”? “The human” exists nowhere. Assuming, though, that humans challenge forth the water power of the river for its pressure capacity and impose upon this to produce an electrical current, then humans are only capable of this insofar as they themselves are already ordered into this requisitioning. Humans, in their relation to what presences, are already challenged in advance, and therefore everywhere, and thus constantly, to represent what presences as something orderable for a requisitioning. Insofar as human representation has already posited what presences as something orderable in the calculation of a requisitioning, the human remains, according to his essence and whether knowingly or not, ordered into a requisitioning for the requisitioning of the orderable.
P. 29
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