Monday, August 17, 2015
In the New Statesman, Slavoj Žižek on the Greek event.
The key question is: was there really an objective possibility of a proper emancipatory act of drawing all politico-economic consequences from the NO of referendum? When Badiou talks about an emancipatory Event, he always emphasises that an occurrence is not an Event in itself – it only becomes one retroactively, through its consequences, through the hard and patient “work of love” of those who fight for it, who practice fidelity to it. One should thus abandon (“deconstruct”, even) the topic of the opposition between “normal” run of things and the “state of exception” characterised by the fidelity to an Event which disrupts the “normal” run of things. In a “normal” run of things life just goes on, following its inertia, we are immersed in our daily cares and rituals, and then something happens, and evental Awakening, a secular version of a miracle (social emancipatory explosion, traumatic love encounter…); if we opt for the fidelity to this event, our entire life changes, we are engaged in the “work of love” and endeavor to inscribe the Event into our reality; at some point, then, the evental sequence is exhausted and we return to the normal« flow of things… But what if the true power of an Event should be measured precisely by its disappearance, when the Event is erased in its result, in the change in “normal” life?
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