Sunday, August 12, 2018
In Pakistan Today dictatorship with Asian characteristics.
Central to Confucius’ thinking is the concept of virtue, known as “Ren”. Ren, is a complex idea, very similar to what we call “rahma”, which could be translated as “genuine or transcendental care”. Perhaps the closest approach in terms of Western terminology would what Heidegger called Sorge, which is often translated as ‘authentic care’. Since the emergence of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, a new governing ideal has also appeared what Jinping refers to as “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. In this new socialism Confucius has been reinstated. Since the West rejected or refused to understand Heidegger’s Sorge it is likely that they will also fail to understand the revolutionary meaning of President Xi Jinping’s “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” but we should not fail to recognize its meaning.
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