Monday, September 17, 2012

Heidegger on the logic behind logistics, from Basic Principles of Thinking.
Since long ago and still for the modern dialectic up until our day, meditation upon thinking bears the name "logic." This word "logic" is the signpost. Logic is the name for the knowledge that concerns the λόγος. Logic, however, now counts as the doctrine of thinking. Correspondingly, the basic characteristic of thinking shows itself to us in the λόγος. If a thinking is logical, it keeps to its order. For contemporary thinking, logic has become still more logical, on account of which it has been given the modified name "logistics." By this name, logic procures its ultimate - and planetary form of dominance. In the age of technology, this appears in the form of the machine. The computers that are set to work in business and industry, in the research institutes of science, and in the organizational centers of politics, we surely cannot conceive as devices merely employed for more rapid calculation. The thinking-machine i itself is already much more the consequence of a transposition of thinking into a manner of thought that, as mere calculation, provokes a translation into the machinery of these machines. Thus we overlook what happens here as an alteration of thinking, as long as long as we do not keep our eyes open to the fact that thinking must become logistical because it is inceptually logical.
P. 98-99

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