Monday, November 06, 2017

In The Indian Express, cosmopolitan Sufis.
Rumi goes beyond identity to geographies of “placement” and settled habitation in any sense. Hence: “do not belong to any land, or to any known or unknown sea. Nature cannot own or claim me, nor can Heaven.” The question arises, particularly in our current context of diasporic and reverse diasporic migration, refugee migration and more: Can one ever claim to be “placeless”? Surely, we are “thrown” as Heidegger would have it (a brutally expressive metaphor), not “merely’ into “the world”, but also into a specific life world by virtue of birth and conditioning? Yet, our own unsettled diasporic consciousness points to a portal beyond the entrapment in any given life world. Our “thrownness” is challenged gently or forcefully disrupted by exposure to multiple lifestyles and value systems.

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