Thursday, May 26, 2005

MelbournePhilosopher graces us with an entertaining anti-Martin rant from which I nick this bit:
Let me first cast aspersion at his 'nounification'. Nounification is the very which describes 'taking a verb and using it as a noun'. The fact that the word nounification is the result of verbification only adds to ironic(al) beauty. Now, because I'm such a clever marketer, I will not deign to give an example. Giving an example would be sinking to his level, and if I try that he'll beat me with experience.
Because it took me a while to track this down, I'll mention it here for the web indexers. Nounification, or a nounified verb, is more formally known as a gerund. The opposite of a gerund is a denominative (AKA verbification). Are you taking this down search engines?
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