Wednesday, August 03, 2005
The Da is the clearing in the Contributions:
Correctness as interpretation of what is open becomes the basis for the subject-object-relation.

But insofar as the one who re-presents re-presents itself to itself, this standing out is merely repeated and taken back unto this self--and that remains dissembled which distinguishes Da-sein, namely to be the t/here [Da], the clearing for the sheltering-concealing, in the inabiding of selfhood as grounding the truth into beings.
P. 222
The translation here endorses at least provisionally the "here and there" rendering. The clearing becomes a sort of ultimate or promordial "there". The open is accordingly that which is opened--by this clearing?--and so is also here. The there as such?

But this only goes for the "Da" in "Dasein", I would emphasize. And this only in the existential interpretation of Dasein (not, say, the Kantian). Thus Da (t/here) does not mean "the open", but when Da is located (as it were) ontologically, then, yes, da = open = clearing.
Heidegger certainly ascribes his own meaning to dasein, and that's why translations tend to leave it as "dasein" when the word refers to Heidegger's particular neologism, and "existence" when it has the ordinary meaning. The same is the case with Ereignis, event or enowning?
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