Wednesday, August 03, 2005
The open Da in the Contributions:
Projecting-open is the between [Zwischen] in whose openness a being and being-ness become differentiatable, so much so that at first only a being itself is experienceable (i.e., a being as sheltered-concealed as such and thus with respect to its beingness). Merely going over to essence as idea mistakes the projecting-open, as well as the appeal to the necessary pre-givenness of a "being".
P. 228

205. The Open

From the perspective of correctness, [the open] is indicated only as condition and is thus not ensprung in itself.
    The open:
as the free of the keenness of creating,
as what is unprotected in the execution of throwness; both in themselves belonging together as the clearing of self-sheltering-concealing.
    The t/here [Da] as en-owned in enowning.
    This free [reigns] over against beings. [It is] what is unprotected by beings. [It is] the free-play of time-space of chaos and of hints. What belongs to be-ing.
P. 230
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