Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Ten Theses on Heidegger

3. die Sache selbst = die Welt, die Lichtung, das Da, etc.

a. The "as" of taking-an-entity-as underlies all instances of the "is" that we wscribe to the entity. In turn, what underlies the "as" of such taking-as are the human concerns that make an entity interesting, relevant, and significant, whether those concerns be practical, theoretical, aesthetic, or whatever.

b. Heidegger calls the realm of such concerns and interests "the world" or "the clearing" or "the open" (Welt = Lichtung = das Da). None of these titles refers to the "being of entities" or to "being itself." They refer, rather, to what makes possible all taking-as and hence all instances of "being."

[Thesis 4]
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