Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Being's Poem on why those expecting to find God must mind the gap.
Forgetting the question of being in the incessant mobilization of technology results in the age's nihilism- the disregard for the being itself, and its utter disposability. The 'event of appropriation' is thus becoming attuned to how we have become historically led astray in the process of technological reproduction. The gap of ontological difference must be restituted from confronting our own history, the history of Western metaphysics itself. It is in this sense that we should understand Heidegger's reading of Hoelderlin's famous line 'There where the danger lurks, the saving power also'. The saving power is not the advent of the God of salvation, materialized effectively. On the contrary, the Gap which allows for the expectation of the Gods is to be found in the gap of ontological difference, as the unbridgeable void sustaining the order of being within the symbolic.
Read the whole thing. Best blog post so far this year.

In the post, the term communal Gelassenheit is used. That is a sense of Gelassenheit similar to the Amish usage, here of giving one's self up to the Volk, and not the Gelassenheit Heidegger used in his later writings.
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