Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Designer Cameron Tonkinwise answers a question about sharing.
How do you educate consumers and how do you teach designers to reframe their notions of how we solve these problems—still creating viable solutions, but ones based on collaboration or sharing?
So, lots of questions and lots of different answers. The one answer is a kind of Heideggerian answer: it is a revealing rather than a teaching of some new truth. People hear about sharing economies, or shared ownership, and they get freaked out. What you need to do is take them back and ask, "How many chairs did you sit in today?" And they think, "I sat on the subway, and I sat at the bus stop and I sat on a chair at a café and I sat in a chair at a lecture and then I finally sat on my couch." And so we have to ask, of those chairs, which of those did you own? So the point is that throughout the course of the day, people are engaging in all kinds of sharing activity already, it's just not framed that way.
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