Friday, October 28, 2011
I've just finished translating La sombra de Heidegger!
bravo. Publish it, SeƱor Enk. Next, S & Z in span?

Ive enjoy La Sombra de H. tho' find it somewhat bewildering at times. Translating the spanish-lang. newspapers so forth ...I can do mas or menos--literature is rather more challenging (as with Borges...muy dificil)
congrats! what is the plan? i'm sure i'm not the only one who can't read spanish who would love to have the opportunity to read it.
I started translating it because I thought it was a shame it wasn't available in English, it being the novel with the most MH content so far. But its too specialized an audience for a publisher to pay a pro to translate it. I figure there's probably a few dozen people out there that will get a kick out of it, so I did it.

If there are publishers interested in my translation, I'm sure we can figure something out.

I've enjoyed doing it, but don't know that I'm redy to repeat the exercise. Translating S&Z from some language other than German to English is probably more than I can handle, but retranslating a smaller text, like maybe LoH or Gelass. is a possibility - I've got Portuguese versions of those two - and I have a small French book with an essay on sculpture, that I found in a museum gift shop in Paris.
Hi Pensum,

I publish a page of the melodrama every Sunday. The story starts here: The Shadow of Heidegger. New installment tomorrow! It's the SS vs the SA. Lucky for him, Martin steps down from his university leadership position, in the nick of time. Dieter's going to get a lesson in in politics, the kind that comes from the barrel of a Luger. Well, at least by the first Sunday in December; events unfold, and there's the metaphysics.
i've been following your installments, i hadn't realised that it was complete, thinking they were merely excerpts. i'll continue following along, and then have to reread it all from the beginning so as to catch the basic flow (unfortunately i can't retain the adventures from one week to the next). thanks for sharing!
Now that the translaation is done, I'll be adding the rest of the installments to the blog's queue, so the whole story will be published automatically, even if I lose my internet connection.

Dieter is writing this letter to his son, reminiscing back, from 1948. He is distraught, which may explain his literary faults (or they might all be my translation's), and about which, more later.
thanks for the teaser.
have you ever considered tagging your posts? it certainly would be handy when one wants to pull them all up to read through in order.
I considered tagging posts, but figured search engines would return more accurate results, than my random tagging.

Tagging does make sense to identify all the posts from novel though. I may do that.
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