Saturday, November 26, 2011

Liquid Time on the angst already uncanny in detached objectivity.
By orienting ourselves to an objective reality, the truth is presented as a neutral fact belonging to what Heidegger calls the they-self. It suits our everyday circumstances to subscribe to the they-self, but it is an inauthentic existence, plagued by angst. Unlike fear, angst is not oriented to an object, but rather to an uncanny sense of one’s own detached perspective.

The monstruous, you mean? IM sort of jesting Enk. but...a conspiracy minded sort might posit something like a PC-PoMo-Freudian- collusion plot behind the translation of Heidegger's "ungeheuer" into the merely psychlogical "uncanny"-- where..IMO Heid. probably intended ...something rather Nietzschean, frightening--ie monstrous..Die Raubtier.
We'r not dealing with a direct translation here, so whether uncanny stands for ungeheuer or unheimlich is more a matter of what's appropriate, rather than what corresponds best.

And I don't interpret this as a question of hugeness (monster sized), but more a case of the strangeness (another translation of to deinon) of another perspective.
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