Saturday, November 12, 2011
The WSJ on which sports car to buy.
The German philosopher Martin Heidegger once wrote that it is only necessary for a man to think one thought all the way through to the end. If only Heidegger, an enthusiastic Nazi, had taken his own advice.

Still, the quote says something about the German intellectual temperament, inclined to grind away at a single complex idea profoundly and often beautifully, year after year. Kant, Beethoven, Einstein, Porsche.
In regard to Porsches and Benzes, that's quite accurate. Or Me 109s. Schoenheit!

Ordinary Germans tend to dislike metaphysics, IMO--even the german sort ,Kant et al. Engineering students as well (Heisenberg said pretty negative things about philosophy----including the modern sort. Then, he made fun of Einstein somewhere as well).
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