Monday, April 23, 2012
3 A.M. magazine on Stewart Home vs Heidegger.
Home’s work is obscure if you don’t know the context. Heidegger is one big context for Home because taking the piss out of Heidegger is always a laugh. Because Heidegger is a continuous presence against which Home’s humour is directed, he has been given a central place here. That this is a curated exhibition of Home’s vast oeuvre, other relevant strands of interest could have been discussed. But Heidegger helps us grasp what Home is banging on about when Home says that by taking on the role of an artist and a writer he is simultaneously working to abolish those roles.
I've rarely had trouble discerning the context of the Home books that I've read - situationist and dada slogans in a pulp style - and had never discerned in them that continuous presence. Now that it has been exposed, I still don't see it. But then, nor do I sense the presence of Heidegger anywhere in this exposé. My guess is that this is another along the axis of Romano and Faye, attempts to create philosophical grounds for fascism while claiming to oppose such a strawman.
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