Monday, July 16, 2012
Truthout on the closure of metaphysics.
Both Foucault and Deleuze discuss this spatialization of knowledge, history and education in terms of the global shift from disciplinary societies to societies of control, from spaces of enclosure exemplified by Euclidean geometry to open systems based on complexity theory emphasizing non-linear and dynamical progression. Derrida also emphasizes that the closure of metaphysics takes place with development of linguistics, mathematics and cybernetics where the written mark or signifier of the traditional logos has become purely technical, that is, a matter of function rather than meaning. Like Heidegger in "The Question Concerning Technology," he indicates that the metaphysics of presence dominating 2,500 years of Western philosophy has come to a closure (though not termination) in a kind of hyperreality - a network of images and signs without an external reference - which is the result of the technological mediation of experience.
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