Sunday, April 21, 2013
Eric D. Meyer on the challenge of technology.
Because the sublime metaphysical essences and supreme spiritual presences which inhabit Martin Heidegger's post-Kehre text (. . ."technology," "metaphysics," "nihilism," "being," "man," etc. . . .) are themselves af-flicted and in-fected by that sinister pre-sence or mysterious ab-sence with "the supreme cosmic being" itself; that "strangest (unheimlichste) of all guests" in the house of being; that "un-homely" (unheimlich), "home-less" (heimatlos), "heal-less" (heil-los) spirit; that "malignant result and dangerous symptom of the planetary event"; that diseased germ or "cancer bacillus"; the specter of nohilism (QB, 36-39). . .--And so, like the critical concepts of "dis-closure" or "un-concealment" (Unverborgenheit) as a simultaneous "concealing"/"revealing" (Verbergen/Entbergen) of "the truth of being"; of "overcoming" (Uberwindung) as a simultaneous "dis-appropriation"/"re-cuperation" (Verwindung) of technology, metaphysics, or being; or of "the event" (das Er-eignis) is a simultaneous "ap-propriation"/"ex-propriation" (Er-eignung/Ent-eignung) of primordial human being (Dasein or Da-sein), Martin Heidgger's "supreme cosmic being" (das Sein or das Seyn) is a profoundly ambivalent pre-sence and and curiously duplicitous ab-sence which spectrally inhabits the meta-physical text as an extra-terrestrial stranger or other world. . .--An "un-canny" or "un-homely" (unheimlich),"home-less" (heimatlos), "heal-less" (heil-los) spirit, who only infrequently visits and fitfully passes through this earthly, worldly realm; and whose super-natural home and meta-physical existence are wholly elsewhere.
The challenge, then, is to give an earthy habitation and a worldly name to this strangely unfamiliar spirit within out technology, our metaphysics, and out profoundest human being; whose invisible presence within our worldly existence might, in fact, make the difference between our future self-preservation and survival among other sentient being within the whole earth's sentient biosphere. . .--On our self-destruction and extinction as strangely uncanny, unhomely, home-less, heal-less spirits, whose supreme meta-physical es-sence and spiritual pre-sence is, in fact, our ab-sence: that is, our nothingness.
Pp. 152-3
Thank you for sharing this quote. I am currently studying Nancy who is willing to struggle with MH's acceptance of what can appear to be contradictions. As Nancy has published over a long time now and with such density as makes him sometimes as unapproachable as MH, he renders me timid to comment.

But so far he clearly affirms MH's view that our condition is groundless. He associates that with our freedom. So we will not find a "thing" (neither metaphysical nor non-metaphysical, as simultaneity is no-thing) no matter how far and wide we search.
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