Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Anti-Modernist on the political question.
[I]f we are to have any genuine insight into the relationship between Heidegger and National Socialism, then we must do so on the terms by which such events took place. It is imperative that the phenomena of National Socialism be understood within the proper context, and not merely treated as “objective” or “present-to-hand” data by which yet another narrative may be construed –subject to the privileges and prejudices of our contemporary post-WW2 perspective. The point is not to re-construct yet another or alternative narrative; but to de-construct existing narratives, and to delineate the limitations of our historical understanding.
The existing narratives are pretty weak, and need investigation to flesh them out. Like, who tipped off Heidegger to resign before the night of the long knives?
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