Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Krzysztof Ziarek on the Janus face of information.
The encounter of being in terms of power is thus coded, one could say "literally," into the prevalence of informational codes as the contemporary conduits of power. It is linked in an essential way to the metaphysical tonality of language, which distills language down to its supposed informational essence. Being doe not happen here as an event that gives but instead opens up into an informational code, intrinsically predisposed to manipulation, that is, predisposed to be at the disposal of power. Being here has no words, only signs, which, in spite of the multiplicity of languages, appear to be all reducible to two, to the binary code of informational operations. At the time when being appears to be the most loquacious it has ever been, disclosing everywhere and everything into potential informational value and transmitting information with unprecedented speed and on a global scale, it seems to be simultaneously losing its ability to say anything beyond the stutter of 0 and 1. The Janus face of information: information is power affecting all; information says very little, almost nothing, repeating ones and zeros ever more efficiently.
P. 112
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