Friday, May 16, 2014
3.A.M. interviews Karsten Harries.
3:AM: What are we to make of the idea that ‘the age of the decorated shed’ is a reduction that threatens our humanity? Does Heidegger think that in modernity art has no place and no future?
KH: What I have in mind when I call our modern epoch “the age of the decorated shed” is more than the obvious fact that most of the important buildings rising today all over the world invite the label “decorated sheds,” functional buildings meant to succeed also as aesthetic objects: The modern world itself invites us to understand it in the image of a decorated shed. By “world” I understand here not the totality of facts but the spiritual situation or framework that is presupposed by the way those attuned to our global post-industrial culture think and act, relate to things and to persons. In this sense — and I am aware that my description is a caricature, but an illuminating caricature I trust — we can be said to live in the age of the decorated shed.
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