Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Babette Babich on Heidegger's channel ZDF interview.
[W]hen Wisser asks Heidegger about his assessment of the decline of Being and Heidegger’s claim to descry the ‘destruction’ of the history of the same, Heidegger objects that there is no downfall [Verfallsgeschichte] but rather we stand in the withdrawal of Being [Entzug des Seins] by contrast with the openness of Being among the Greeks. More significantly, Being is transformed into “mere objectification for the sciences and today as mere resource [Bestand] for the technical mastery of the world.” We noted above that Wisser invokes Heidegger’s own claim about technology via the conquest of distance by way of world-television, a claim that still holds for Twitter and Facebook. We continue, just as Wisser argues, to expect to receive everything from science: the very fact of the web underscores technology as cargo-cult.
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