Monday, April 16, 2018
In eVolo, the need for urban greenery.
The vertical buildings disconnect people from their environment. On the other hand, a village’s horizontal and natural form seems have more connections to human beings. In addtion, looking close to green factors, Christian Norberg-Schulz argues In The Concept of Dwelling that the human draw and favor towards nature is by instincts and not from acquired experiences. ‘Why do we bring plants into our home?’ and in turn ‘ Why do we garden?’ By extension, the philosophical question also arises, ‘why do we live?’ Human affinity for nature is instinctual but are also other factors that gives us the meaning of ‘being’. According to Heidegger, ‘care’ is another human instinct and it is one of the natures essential to the meaning of a ‘human being’. Therefore, caring for a plant is to care for ‘mother nature’ and thus to care is to be human.
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