Monday, April 02, 2018
On Die Schnelligkeit.
2. Speed-of every sort; the mechanical increase in technical "velocities," and such increase altogether only a consequence of this speed; the latter the inability to withstand in the stillness of concealed growth and of waiting; mania for the surprising, for what is again and again immediately and differently "striking" and enthralling; transience as the basic law of "constancy." Necessary: prompt forgetting and losing oneself in what comes next. On this basis, then, the erroneous representation of the high and the "highest" in the monstrous form of record-breaking performances; purely quantitative increase, blindness to the truly momentary, which is not the transient, but is what opens up eternity. With respect to speed, however, the eternal is the mere endurance of the same, the empty "and so on and on"; the genuine unrest of the battle remains concealed, and in its place has stepped the restlessness of constantly more ingenious activity, which is pushed forward by the dread of becoming bored with oneself.
P. 121
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