Tuesday, May 15, 2018
In the Manila Standard, the need to act.
So yes, there is truth, and it is knowable, but it requires engagement for us to know it. The Greek word, made famous again by Martin Heidegger, in the 20th century, is Aletheia—being or reality disclosed, unconcealed. The truth does not come all at once; it requires an effort on our part to uncover what is there. We use reason, the natural and social sciences, logic, our own categories, even our passions, a combination of all of these to get to the truth. Sometimes, it takes decades to verify a hypothesis, to validate an informed guess, but even as we await that, we must already act. The world does not stop even when the truth has not yet fully emerged. And even when the truth is much clearer, there are those who will still deny it for their own interests.
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