Saturday, May 19, 2018
The heaviness of the clearing.
This clearing cannot be explained from beings; it is the “between” [Zwischen] and in-between [Inzwischen] (in the time-spatial sense of the originary time-space). The “of,” “as,” the “in the light of” are not beings, they are nothing and yet not null and naught; on the contrary: they are totally “important” [wichtig], of the heaviest weight [Gewicht], the proper heavyweight and the only thing in which everything that is a being (not merely as beingness, objectness, statehood) as a being “is.”
The clearing is the a-byss as ground, the nihilating counterpart to all that is [das Nichtende zu allem Seienden] and thus the heaviest thing. It is thus the “ground” that is never “present-at-hand” and that is never found, the “ground” that refuses itself in the nihilation as clearing—the supporting-founding one that decides, the one that e-vents—the e-vent.
P. 36
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