Tuesday, June 19, 2018
In Pravda, Daniele Perra on conservatives returning to being.
The quest for Being is what has distinguished the intellectual efforts of both Martin Heidegger and Ruhollah Khomeini. The great iranist Henry Corbin recognized that there was continuity and not a break in the intellectual path that led him to abandon the field of Western philosophy (and especially Heideggerian studies) to embrace that of Islamic theosophy. In fact, from his point of view, there were evident correspondences between Islamic theosophy and Heideggerian analytic. And it is no coincidence that Khomeini has often reiterated the complementarity between philosophy and gnosis. Now according to Corbin, Heideggerian philosophy provided the hermeneutical key for the understanding of transcendental philosophy. Western philosophy, unlike the Eastern one, has taken a wrong path that has led it to confuse Being with the Bodies and transform it into something usable and maneuverable instead of struggling to discover its fundamental reality beyond of the empirical observation of its manifestations. Hence the Heideggerian philosophical "effort" (the correct translation of the Arabic word jihad is just an effort) to reposition western philosophy in its correct metaphysical dimension: the purely apollonian logos of classical Greekness based on that idea of ​​verticality and hierarchy whose Modern annihilation has condemned man to relativism and nihilism.
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