Monday, July 23, 2018
In ἐποχή, John C. Brady on the norms of cooking.
I don’t begrudge this recipe here for not foreseeing that my current cooking situation also includes working on an essay on Heidegger on a laptop occupying bench space I need for the chopping board (it does not advise me “while waiting for the water to boil, flesh out the discussion of Das Man with an example”). No, in my recognition of this being a non-standard cooking situation, I hold myself responsible for how presently difficult this dish is to cook (and perhaps its lackluster outcome), not the recipe and the anonymous other who wrote it for anonymous others of which I am one. “One (Das Man) gives their full attention to cooking when One cooks” is the implicit assumption of the recipe. Insofar as I am also working on a Heidegger essay while I cook, I recognize I’m falling short of the standard ‘One’ the recipe addresses.
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