Wednesday, July 25, 2018
In NDPR Dermot Moran reviews Hans Bernhard Schmid and Gerhard Thonhauser's From Conventionalism to Social Authenticity: Heidegger's Anyone and Contemporary Social Theory.
This collection shows that new and exciting, broadly 'analytic' interpretations of Heidegger are also emerging in the German-speaking European mainland (where interest in Heidegger had primarily been confined to scholars working on the Gesamtausgabe, edited by Friedrich-Wilhelm von Hermann). The focus is Heidegger's account of anonymous, everyday life in the social world, the a priori dimension (his word is "Existential" -- a kind of living dynamic structural feature, analogous to an Aristotelian 'category') of das Man, anyone, as well as its contrast dimension, namely, the life of authenticity or "ownedness" (Eigentlichkeit), the individual life of sincere, committed action that embraces and fulfils a chosen value. The Heidegger in question is very much the Heidegger of Sein und Zeit (1927), mostly ยงยง 27 and 60.
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