Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Jason W. Alvis on Heidegger's phenomenology of the inapparent.
In a particular, yet limited sense, phenomenology under Heidegger's watch becomes also an approach to uniquely look-past-things in their ontic presence by way of one's becoming or being Dasein, which is accomplished by being the open-being that fashions creatively a space (Raumlichkeit) of play for these appearances. The sense data or hyle (ὕλη) are paradoxically the most immantently present, yet they become inconspicuous in one's preference for what is putatively not given in any ontic way, those categorial intuitions. One effectively can be situated, however, (or bring one's thinking to this place) in a way that allows a variation of access to the seemingly invisible movement from sensual to categorial intuitions. This is called the "domain" or "the clearing of the appearing of the unapparent" in which one performs "an exercise in a phenomenology of the inapparent." ... [I]t is in the Zähringen seminar that Heidegger sums up this aspect of his career that demonstrated how the nonappearing and nonmanifesting of phenomena make it possible for one to be tuned-in to the fundamental concealments of things as they appear. He indeed showed that the thing itself does not appear on the grounds of the objectivity of consciousness but rather according to the disclosedness and hiddenness of things.
P. 45
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