Thursday, July 19, 2018
Jason W. Alvis on the forgetfulness of oblivion.
[T]here is also a sense of oblivion inherent within Being, and that is not due to man's forgetting of the ontological difference as Seinsvergessenheit, or any abandonment of the gods. Being withholds a fundamental notion of itself within itself, never to be revealed: "Being does not come to the light of its own essence." And in bringing beings into appearance. "Being itself stays away. The truth of being escapes us. It remains forgotten." ...[T]he a priori of Being never fully comes into the light of appearance, for its truth, although recognizable as truth, keeps itself at a distance, ever retaining its element of oblivion or forgetfulness. Nevertheless, this is not a privation, as Being is what brings-to-present and therefore is the closest of things despite being forgotten. The task is not to bring Being into further manifestation per se, but rather to be appropriated by its lethe, to be instilled with the wonder of what Vergessenheit ("oblivion") has concealed or withdrawn from presence.
P. 45
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