Friday, July 13, 2018
The Manila Standard on unbeaten paths.
[P]rotesting that something is beyond the limits of reason hardly makes any sense, because it presupposes that one can transcend reason—or stand above it—to be able to say how far it will and can go. Heidegger had a very useful metaphor for this—holzwege, he called them: trails that led into the forest that went as far as one wanted them to go, that pushed on, rather than trod an already beaten path. Reason pushes on, as revelation makes available phenomena (saturated phenomena, Mario calls them) that challenge, allure, entice but also beguile. Only confident reason can go on; reason, uncertain of itself, stops dead in rationalist tracks. The posture of reason should not be “thus far, and thou shalt not pass,” but rather: “Let’s see how far this takes us,” which makes of reason more adventurous, more exciting, more faith-ful!
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